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The strength of Hong Bang Pharmaceuticals – produce functional foods derived from nature.
Vietnam country is endowed with forests along the country. According to statistics, there are over 5,000 kinds of medicinal plants, including many endemic plants, is listed as the world’s rare.

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Since ancient times, people have used animal, mineral and vegetable to create products for human health.

Absorbing the essence of traditional medicine, the past 12 years, IMC has always been the leading enterprise in the creation of functional food products with natural origin combined with the essence of the S & modern technology. Speaking in an understandable way, the functional food product of IMC are derived from natural (Refer pharmaceutical sources of IMC here).

Recently, more and more people discovered the many downsides of the product with the chemical composition, if long-term use will affect general health.


And hardly just functional foods industry that now all products derived from natural is gradually regaining its position with higher development.

The advantage of functional foods are derived from the natural to the user

The functional food products derived from nature are derived from animal, vegetable, mineral, in general, here are the raw materials to be used safely and effectively.

The advantage of functional foods are derived from the natural to the user

For each health problem or physiological, you can easily find foods suitable for their function. You can find support from the treatment of diseases related to respiratory, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, rheumatology, cardiology, digestive … these products are mostly already on the market schools, especially the specialty stores for functional food or drug stores nationwide.

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